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Are you tired of the traditional dating sites where almost all of the profile are looking for a long time serious relationship while you just want to have some fun? There should be no shame in admitting that you are a sex lover that only looking for casual sex with no strings attached. Don't worry, there are a lot of people in the world that are looking for exactly the same thing. So why waste your own and others time on regular dating sites where most of the members looking for the love of their life when all you want is some casual wild sex? Why not register at our site where all of our members are in the same box and are looking for pure sex dates?

Be honest and stay fair

Even if this is a dating sites for casual sex dates where sex on the first date is common you must remember that there is no obligations for you or your date to fulfill this expectations. Many change their mind when they meet the date in real life. Maybe was the profile picture misleading or the chemistry was not there as expected. This can goes bough way and we expect that all our members respect the right to back out in any time without no hard feelings. Remember that next time you can be in the other role in such an setting. To avoid these incident as often as possible you should always be honest in your dating profile and use real profile picture that shows a realistic impression of who you are and how you look. Behave yourself and get a good reputation with a lot of sex dates in the future.

Do the boring preparation, don't end up with std's or pregnancy

When you have casual sex you will always feel the urge to drop the boring talk about preventions, std's and stuff. But believe us, by us some time on this issue before you have sex you can avoid a lot of problems later, you don't want to end up with a pregnacy issue or a serious std's infection. Tell your date if you're looking for a one time thing or you are looking for a fuckfriend to meet again. If it's a one time thing there shouldn't be an issue about using a condom or not, by dropping it, or suggest to drop it, you will problably only scare your date away as you seems like an irresponsibly idiot. If yore date suggest or accept to drop it, this alone is a big red flag to tell you to stay away and go home to simply jerk of this time.

If you're planning to be fuckfriends on a more regular basis you might consider that bough see the doctor to make clear that there is no std's before you stop using condoms. Remember that this precautions is quite useless if bough or on of you fucks around with others at the same time without using condoms with them. Again, be honest and stay fair.

Dating around the world

If you are a sex lover XXX dating is the perfect place for you. At XXX dating you can find other like minded people wherever you are in the world. Why not flirt with sexy people across national borders? Today you can get very cheap flights to other countries with discount airlines such as Ryanair and Easyjet. Why not arrange a date in another country for the weekend? New electronics and cheap travel has made relationships across borders much easier in recent years. If you want a local date in your community or your country, it is of course the most common among our members. We just tell you that there is a lot of possibilities.  It is after all still in their own country and their own municipalities, most still find their fuckfriends.

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